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 If you have a Mac you maybe familiar with ScreenSteps by BlueMango. Screensteps allows you to capture and mark multiple screens. You can then export them to HTML, Wordpress, Squarespace, Zendesk, Google Sites just to name a few. It is very powerful and is great for making how to documents. However what if you just want create multiple annotated screen captures a then email the result as a PDF to someone or maybe share a special url. That is where the new application by BlueMango called Clarify comes in. Like ScreenSteps, Clarify allows you to create a document with annotated pictures and screencaptures included. You can then easily email a PDF to someone, or share a special link with them. You have the option of having the text above or below the picture, export as a pdf or jpeg, choosing a border and even resizing. It also gives you the option of saving a section to your document folder. I created a couple of annotated screenshots of Clarify below to show an example. If I wanted to share this with someone I could email it to them or give them this url

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Final Thoughts on Clarify

Clarify is in public beta and is still being developed. While doing this post I did run into a couple of problems, which I am forwarding to Clarify. The first is when I tried to use the delete button an error dialog came up, saying it couldn't create the process. It then asked what I was doing when the error came up and sent the information to BlueMango. The second problem I ran into was using the sequence annotation, if I cut an annotation it rearranged the sequence. I not sure why it did this or if it was suppose to, but it was driving me a little crazy. The one thing I like about BlueMango is they are very good at responding back when you send them a problem. I was having trouble creating the special url, I kept getting a 500 or 400 error. I forward a tweet to them and they responded back almost immediately. It ended up to be a user error, I had entered the wrong password. If you have a Mac and find yourself sharing annotated screen captures I recommend trying Clarify. If you need something more powerful, take a look at ScreenSteps.